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isomer, a scientific term simplified as: a thing (1) with the same building blocks as another thing (2) but where (1) & (2) exhibit different qualities when the same building blocks are differently arranged.
eg. isomeremosi :: same letters and rearranged self-defined as an isomurl

petalateq stretches the isomurl definition slightly by balancing the ending 'p' with 'q' for visual effect.

petalateq was a 'work in progress' for reLaunch hugstable & ninefold domain Launch of hugstable rows.

But when news of the world had news on the world about humankind breaching 6 of 9 Planetary Boundaries > 9tilt.

petalateq has a neat multi-useful re-usability feature, especially so when there are interestingly quite a few lists of 'nine' about.

thanks for visiting!

link to star drift background opens in same tab/window ;)

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